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Phoenix AZ – Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

In Phoenix Arizona during the summertime, the temperatures can soar. The hottest temperature ever recorded in our fair city was on June 26, 1990. On that day, the thermometer peaked at a sweltering 122 degrees Fahrenheit! As a second generation, estate planning law firm in Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa, we’re as familiar with the Arizona heat as we are with creating a living trust or living will in Phoenix. That’s why we’re offering these tips for taking care of yourselves during our region’s sometimes scorching weather.

Stay Aware of Your Body’s needs

Humans have been wonderfully created with bodies that are made up of 55% (women) to 60% (men) water. But if we don’t take care of our bodies in extreme heat, we can quickly move into dehydration or symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

So, here are some tips for taking care of yourself and staying cool when it’s hot outside:

  1. In addition to being aware of the outside temperature, remain mindful of the heat index as well. The heat index is how your body feels as a result of combining the effects of heat and humidity.
  2. Be aware that the elderly and the very young are more susceptible to heat related issues, which is usually due to poorer circulation and less effective sweating mechanisms. Plan to keep older and younger people indoors in air conditioning, or provide ways to keep them cool if they need to be outdoors for short amounts of time. In particular, the elderly and the very young should be inside in the air conditioning during the hottest times of the day.
  3. If you need to go outside for short trips, pace yourself and refresh regularly by stepping into air-conditioned stores, drinking cold water, or dabbing your skin with a cool, wet cloth.
  4. Wear lightweight, breathable clothing that is loose-fitting and preferably light-colored to better reflect the sunlight.
  5. With higher temperatures and a higher heat index, drink plenty of water, more than you usually consume, and avoid sugary beverages. Also avoid caffeinated drinks that dehydrate, as well as alcohol, which can impair judgment.
  6. If you need to be outside, in addition to the lightweight clothing mentioned above, wear a broad-brimmed hat that shields the entire face and neck area.
  7. Avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day. Save that play or work for early morning or for cooler evenings.
  8. Do not leave an animal or person in a hot car for any length of time.
  9. Even with air conditioning indoors, try using a fan to keep the air circulating.
  10. If you’re going outside for any length of time, you may want to slather on some sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  11. And when you need to replace those electrolytes you burned up by sweating, try a using a homemade recipe rather than buying highly-colored, sugary store brands. Here’s one option for a recipe.


There you have it, folks.  Be safe, be smart, and enjoy your summer. Jump in the pool, or stay in the A/C and read or play games together as a family. But don’t ignore the fact that our Arizona heat can be prohibitively dangerous. As a second generation Arizona law firm that specializes in estate planning, we’ve got your living trusts or living wills covered; but as for covering yourself and your family in our Arizona heat, that one’s up to you.

Images used under creative commons license (Commercial Use) (7/16/18) Maliciousmonkey (Flickr)

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