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If your family has experienced the loss of a family member whose assets were held in a Revocable Living Trust, first of all, be grateful that your loved one had the wisdom and foresight to have a trust in place so that your family will not be caught up in probate court for the next year or two. Now, it is the job of the Successor Trustee to administer the trust assets as instructed in the trust agreement.

As a second generation law firm that has been around since 1980, Phelps LaClair is uniquely equipped to help you administer the Living Trust after a loved one has passed away. We have implemented hundreds of Living Trusts after clients have passed away and want to be here to walk you through the process of administering the Living Trust from beginning to end.


While trust administration in Arizona is done without any court oversight and is managed privately by the Successor Trustee, the Successor Trustee should not undertake this endeavor by him or herself. Having professional guidance to assist with the administration of the trust can go a long ways to avoiding personal liability and seeing that all goes smoothly according to the desires of the trust maker.

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