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Paddle Boarding Bliss

We have gotten on board with the new craze; paddle boarding! Phelps LaClair has found that, after a day of providing trusts, wills, and documents to protect you and your loved ones assets, a great way to release is through paddle boarding. We believe in working hard, providing the best estate planning services we can, and all the while having a balanced life of having fun and getting out in nature that Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert has to offer.

What is a Paddle Board

The new craze that has resurfaced over the past decade is the paddle board. It is a hollow board that was created in the 1930s by Thomas Blake, who was restoring historic Hawaiian surfboards. The board is specifically for paddling where you can kneel, lay, or stand to glide across the water. From there, he entered and won the Pacific Coast Surfriding Championship on the Mainland which was the first event that integrated surfing and paddling. He then returned to Hawaii to then break all paddling records where one of his records stood until 1955. Thomas Blake was not only ingenuitive but he also was athletic and put his invention to the test time and again. To this day, the basics of his initial design is still relevant.

Types of Paddle Boards

Since the initial design in the 1930’s, there has been several additions to the basic principles creating different types of boards that move smoother based on what you are needing. There are boards that are specifically more suited for knee paddling, laying down paddling, and stand up paddling. On top of those ways to paddle, there are specific types of boards based on whether you are wanting a calm adventure or more of an energetic adventure. Types of paddle boards include:

  • All Around: Perfect for all kinds of activities, versatile, and great for first time paddlers.
  • Inflatable: More durable than epoxy boards, they are great for travel and storage and they roll into the size of a sleeping bag when deflated.
  • Fishing: These boards are longer and wider for stability in casting and have space for fishing gear.
  • Yoga: Wider template and bigger pad allows for stability and area for yoga, pilates, or other exercises. Also provides a comfortable mat for yoga.
  • Touring: Created for longer distances and flat/calm water.
  • Surf: For small to medium sized surf, they have shapes created for beginner to intermediate paddlers and are dual purposed for flatwater and surf.
  • Race: Longer and narrower for speed and sprint gliding on flat water by elite and recreational racers.

Since everyone is unique and enjoys different levels of activity for different motivations, there are several types of paddle boards designed to fit your specific needs. Arizona has a lot to offer with beautiful places to explore, whether by foot or by paddle board.

After embracing the peace of mind that comes from having a great will and trust in place for your estate planning needs, Phelps LaClair loves the ability to release stress out in nature and embrace adventure through paddle boarding.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (8/8/2017) Ingrid Taylar (Flickr)

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