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Nature: The Natural Stress Reliever

Have you ever wondered what it is about being out in nature that makes you breathe easier? We here at Phelps LaClair enjoy helping with all your legal and estate planning needs, but also know healthy stress relievers are important. Nature is a natural stress reliever, and allows you to unwind. There are various aspects of how nature impacts us, and it’s not just for the eco-friendly.

Benefits of Nature

Nature is beauty for our eyes, but it is more than that. Our eyes are the windows to our soul (thoughts, will, emotions) and when we are stressed, what our eyes feast on affects us. Getting out into nature, seeing the beauty that is unmasked, untethered to technology and the outside world, it releases a beauty to not only be beheld in our eyes, but also our souls. It stimulates our thoughts and emotions in a more positive way. What we see affects us. Seeing a different view than what we are used to, allows us to let go of the things we’ve been holding onto, and gives a chance to breathe or see things in a new way.

Nature helps release emotions in a healthy way. Nature has an effect of causing a general well being, bringing about a calm and an ability to improve our mood. Psychologically, scenes of nature relate in your mind with a more positive mood, and a calmer state, thus allowing the mind to relax. The emotions of depression, anger or anxiety are able to be reduced being out in nature.

Nature has a physical benefit to it as well. Not only does it allow for positive cardio to increase your breathing and consistent blood circulation, but it can actually help increase your overall health. Walking, hiking, or being in nature has actually shown to decrease blood pressure, improve muscle tension, improve vascular and heart health, as well as can even affect your mortality rate.

Nature also improves bonding and connection with people. Nature is a well rounded benefit. It improves your emotional, physical and spiritual health, but also improves relational health with those around you. Being out in nature is a great time to bond with friends, family and those you meet along the way. There is something about adventuring with someone and experiencing life that deeply connects people.

Have we convinced you enough of the benefits of nature? If not, that’s ok. It is good to find out what is the best stress reliever for you, and we would love to hear what works best for you. If yes, great! We would love to hear the adventures you go on and what treasures you found along the way. Come see Phelps LaClair and tell us about your recent adventures or stress relievers.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (6/12/2017) Daniel Weinand (Flickr)

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