Sedona, arizona - view of greenery and mountains

Arizona Treasures Pt. 2: Sedona

Let’s paint a picture. Cooler weather, red sandstone in beautiful rock formations, green trees jutting out of the canyons, hiking trails for miles, and fun little shops to explore. Sound good? This describes another treasure in Arizona: Sedona. Phelps LaClair sees the need for your estate planning needs to be addressed, but also knows a getaway is good for the soul. Let’s learn more about what Sedona has to offer.

What is Sedona?

Sedona is a beautiful little town tucked away in the northern part of Arizona. There are about 10,000 people living in Sedona, with its red rocks, views that stun you, and outdoor adventures that don’t run out. The city was named after the city’s first postmasters wife in 1902, as she was seen to be hospitable and industrious.

Things to Do

There are a variety of things to do in Sedona. Whether you have come for the nature and all that has to offer, for driving views or to just explore the shops downtown, there is a lot to offer. Some places that are particularly great to see include:

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross. This is a church built into the rock in 1956 and rises 70 feet out of a 1,000 foot red rock cliff.
  • Helicopter rides are available at a reasonable price. This includes a view of all the red rock formations, breathtaking sights, and a fun adventurous ride swooping in and out of the canyons.
  • Rising to greet the day just isn’t enough. What if you rise to greet the dawn in a brilliant hot air balloon? That is possible in Sedona with sights that are unmatched!
  • Hiking trails are all over and go for miles. A particularly great hike is to a place called Devil’s Bridge. This hike boasts beautiful views, moderate hike, and ends at a rock bridge formed through the winds and rains. If you are daring, it is fun to stand on top with at least a hundred foot drop underneath.

There are so many things to do in Sedona. Whether you are a mountain biker, avid jeep tour enthusiast, or wanting a water adventure through kayaks and paddleboards, there is so much Sedona offers.

Think of escaping the heat in Arizona, and heading a bit north. It can be a getaway of outdoor adventure and heart pumping activities or it can be a leisurely weekend with golf and spas that have breathtaking views of nature. Whichever you choose, Phelps LaClair is here to cheer you on to discover the treasures that Arizona holds.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (7/7/2017) Don Graham (Flickr)

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