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Passionate About Pets

When considering estate planning to disperse your valuable items to your loved ones, don’t forget about your beloved family pet. Phelps LaClair (serving Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Scottsdale) is passionate about great estate planning. Because we value connecting with family, we also know the importance of connecting with your pets. Animals offer companionship, adventure, joy, increased health, and so much more!

How Pets Benefit You

When we think of a pet, we may think about what it takes to care for one. Or we may think about the joys of having a running partner. Either way, there are several ways that having a pet benefits your life. Some of the benefits include:

*Decrease of Allergies: Having early exposure to animals as a child can strengthen and improve your overall immune system, which decreases the likelihood of getting allergies.

*Improved Health: Studies have shown that a pet can help decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, thus minimizing risk for a heart attack later on in life. Pets also help to decrease your stress levels, which may help you to avoid stress-related health conditions.

*Increase Aerobic Health: Animals that need to be let out and walked several times a day help their owner get much needed exercise. Pets increase the motivation to get out of the house and be active.

*Ice Breaker: When you take your pet to the park, on a hike, pet training classes, pet-friendly cafes, or for a walk in your neighborhood, it can help you socially. Pets naturally open doors for conversation!

*Improve Mood: Because animals are so loyal, they help their owners feel a sense of purpose and love. Pets are often able to sense their owners’ needs. There is a reason pet-facilitated therapy exists, as it can be a safe place for individuals to let out their emotions.

Pets are important parts of our lives and thus deserve to be treated that way. People that are passionate for pets understand the benefits of pets, know their value, and want to be sure that they are kept safe and treated well. Just like we, as humans, need love, a sense of belonging, and to be treated with respect, animals need that as well. There are too many animals that are sent to shelters and put up for adoption. Rescuing animals is a noble thing that helps the pet but also will benefit your life. Consider investing in a pet and in your life.

Phelps LaClair has seen the value, love, and joy a pet can bring to a family. We know how important human life is and we believe in treating animals with kindness and respect, as well. Come see us today and tell us your great pet stories!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (9/13/2017)  Kim Hennevelt (Flickr)

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