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Healthy Life Balance

It is easy to let one area of our lives become our dominant focus, whether that is career, family, or adventure. The problem with letting one aspect of our lives constantly take center state is that the other areas of our life will ultimately suffer. When we give attention to all areas of life by having a healthy life balance, we are more at ease. Less stress occurs when we are not neglecting parts of our lives or parts of our hearts. Phelps LaClair (with offices in Scottsdale and Gilbert Arizona), knows the importance of strategic estate planning for you and your loved ones’ futures, but we value you having a healthy balance in your life that brings joy and fulfillment right now!

Aspects to Balance

The idea of a healthy life balance can mean different things for different people. However, there are certain areas to examine that are key to everyone’s life. Devoting equal care to the health of the mind, body and soul are all important for to your general well-being:

*Mind: Eat nutritious food to supply your brain with the ingredients it needs to maintain itself properly. Challenge and stimulate it through learning and personal growth; take time for fun and relaxing activities that relieve stress.
*Body: Exercise to get your muscles moving; sleep to recharge; maintain a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to supply your body with nutrition.
*Soul: Have adventures to let your heart to come alive! Express your feelings through verbalization, art, music, and spiritual beliefs.

Why We Need Balance

When we are able to recognize the needs in our lives, we can ensure these needs get met in a healthy way. Neglecting an area of our lives, whether it be mind, body or soul, can cause multiple issues. As stress increases, communication with others tends to decrease and important relationships begin to struggle. We justify that if we spend more time on work or family or at the gym, then it will benefit the other areas of our lives we are neglecting. The opposite happens. When we neglect one area of our lives, the rest of the areas will eventually suffer. If we work all the time, then we may have wealth or success, but disconnected relationships. If we are focused on family all the time, there may not be great health or a good financial situation. If we focus on health all the time, we may be in great physical shape, but not be successful in business or relationships. Focusing on one sole aspect of life at the expense of the others is usually an attempt to fill a desperate need for acceptance or to prove something. Instead, if we are able to have a healthy balance in all areas of life, there will be deeper fulfillment in relationships, business, health and spiritual life.

Phelps LaClair wants to you to have a quality-filled life, and for you to leave a legacy of joy. We can help you strategize great estate plans for your future and help you cover all areas of your life. Contact us today!


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