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Facts of Advance Directives

When it comes to protecting your future, there cannot be enough education. An advance directive can be confused for a last will and testament, but they are distinctly different and Phelps LaClair can help you understand how. While a last will and testament deals with a person’s assets after they pass, an advance directive deals with a person’s medical health needs.

Why Do I Need an Advance Directive?

To have an advance directive is not to hope for a catastrophe, but it does protect against the unknowns that life may bring. Having an advance directive allows loved ones to know steps you would wish to take regarding your health if you are incapable of making an informed decision. The advance directive takes pressure off of your loved ones, and allows you to be given the health care you would wish to happen. Overall, having one in place creates a peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

What Does It Do?

The advance directive will name someone you trust to be the caretaker or the power of attorney over your health care needs if you become disabled or incapable. When accompanied with a living will it also gives directions for end-of-life care, and whether to move forward in life saving procedures.

Types of Advance Directives

There are two types of advance directives that can be put in place, namely; a living will a health care power of attorney. The living will is a legal document that will state what type of health care treatment you would like if you are permanently unconscious or dying. The issues to address in a living will would include:

-Resuscitation upon your heart or breathing stopping (DNR)

-Use of breathing mechanisms or dialysis

-Feeding by tubes

-Organ and tissue donation

The health care power of attorney, on the other hand, would mean that you assign a person by proxy to make decisions of your healthcare on your behalf.


Unfortunately, we live in a world that has unexpected circumstances. Don’t live in fear, but live with a peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are protected in every instance. Preparation beforehand creates a positive, less stressful life.


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