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03 Jun What is The Future of The Estate Tax Exemption?

    The future of the estate tax exemption is not yet concrete. However, we’re getting closer to understanding how wealthy estates may be affected if the bill known as The 99.5 Percent Act becomes law.  Currently, the federal estate tax exemption is $11.7 million for an individual...

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how does the inheritance from a trust get taxed

17 May How Does The Inheritance From a Trust Get Taxed?

    Some aspects of estate planning can be extremely complicated and lead to headaches—especially tax issues. Whether you’re the estate planner, the grantor, or a beneficiary, the experts at Phelps LaClair can answer all of your questions. You could be in the beginning phases of estate planning...

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31 Oct Tax Strategies Post-Election

No matter who is elected (or re-elected) on November 3, estate planning tax strategies post-election will need to be reassessed. Phelps LaClair is a second generation estate planning law firm serving Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix and Scottsdale. Helping our clients to navigate changing tax laws is...

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