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Benefits of Sole Focus Estate Planning Lawyers

If you need special medical care, you make an appointment with a doctor who is trained in the field of medicine pertaining to your need. If you’re building a home, you want a contractor with a good track record, who does quality work. When it comes to planning for your future, it’s just as important to choose your legal advisors carefully. The sole focus of Phelps LaClair has always been estate planning. This is our field of expertise, and we’ve got years of practical experience to back it up.

Who We Are

As a local Arizona law firm, Phelps LaClair has been providing estate planning services to its clients for more than 40 years. The firm began in the early 1980s when attorney Stephen Phelps, an Arizona native, started preparing living trusts for his clients. At that time, living trusts were virtually unknown. Now Stephen has retired, and his son James Phelps has the privilege of serving the local region, along with two other estate planning attorneys, Jeffrey LaClair, and Bryan Holm.

Exclusive Focus

Estate planning is what we do. We don’t do litigation, divorces, bankruptcies, or any other legal representation. We focus solely on estate planning, which enables us to provide you with preeminent service at fees that are fair and reasonable. The benefit for you is thirty-five years of targeted knowledge in building strategic and specific plans for each of our clients’ portfolios—plans that will preserve assets and save taxes.

It Works

Most first-generation estate planning law firms have very little experience in implementing living trusts at the time of the estate owner’s death. At Phelps LaClair, we have the unique history of having set up hundreds of trusts and estates, and when death occurred, of following through with discharging the specific aspects denoted in each estate plan. Our practical know-how qualifies us to handle any situation, even unanticipated circumstances or claims.

We Focus on Relationship

Our true value lies in our personal approach. We recognize that estate planning is much more about people than it is about documents. We listen, and we care. Our goal is accomplishing your goals, and our commitment to you is long-term—for a lifetime—to make sure your plan actually accomplishes your objectives. The planning we do for you in the present will make all the difference for your loved ones when the time comes. And it just might be the key to assure the legacy you leave is a blessing and not a curse. At Phelps LaClair, you’ll receive wisdom and counsel that is backed by a generation of experience. Contact us today to ensure financial protection for you, for your loved ones, and for your assets.


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