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Benefits of Exercise

We’ve all heard exercise can be beneficial to our whole being, but have we taken the time to understand or pay attention to how exercise improves our lives? Phelps LaClair believes in living well in the present, and we also believe in preparing for the future by protecting your assets and finances with strategic estate plans.

Getting Back in the Game

The rhythm of life can make it difficult to stay disciplined with a healthy regimen of regular activity or exercise. We may begin strong, but then we miss a day, and then two days . . . and suddenly we look back at our calendar and find it’s been weeks since we’ve been active. Thankfully, for most people it’s easy and beneficial to pick up the exercise habit and begin once more. Engaging  in moderate to intense aerobic activity can start with something as simple as taking a brisk walk. If exercise hasn’t been part of your life for some time, check with your doctor about suggested activity levels for you. Then, begin slowly and listen to your body, and you can experience a positive and injury-free re-entry to the world of exercise.

Advantages of Exercise

The advantages and benefits of exercise are many. Benefits include:

  • Increased Energy: Exercising releases oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, which increases natural energy in your whole body.
  • Improvement of Mental Health and Mood: The hormones released with exercise are your “happy hormones,” which trigger moods of joy, gladness, and happiness.
  • Reduced Risk for Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer: Regular activity increases your immune system and helps your body fight off diseases more effectively.
  • Improved Agility and Stamina: Exercise helps your body stay agile and increases your capacity to do more physically.
  • Increased Lung Capacity: Aerobic exercise helps you breath better and increases lung function.
  • Weight Control: Being regularly active helps with weight control, and healthy weight control can lead to overall health improvement.

Find Your “Why”

While there are endless benefits to exercise, it’s important for you to identify the “Why” of doing it for yourself. Whether your “Why” is to control weight, prevent disease, to feel happier, or for a different reason, knowing your “Why” will motivate you to become active even when you’re not feeling like it. If you know your “Why,” you’ll probably have more discipline to stay with an exercise routine over the long haul.

Phelps LaClair understands and believes in the benefits of regular exercise. Exercise can be fun! Do something you love, like hiking, dancing, running, or choose from among the many possible options for sports and recreational activities. Get moving, get active, get healthy!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/30/2017) Fit Approach (Flickr)

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