how to avoid the generation skipping transfer tax

12 Jun How to Avoid the Generation Skipping Transfer Tax

    If you understand and work with tax laws, your estate plan will be all the stronger for it. Knowing when certain taxes will apply, especially those that occur after your passing, is very important. Planning ahead is the only way to avoid incurring extraneous taxes...

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who needs estate planning? do I really need an estate planner?

06 Jun Do I Really Need Estate Planning?

  Estate planning can sound inaccessible to some people, as if it’s an elite tool that’s not appropriate for everyone. If financial end-of-life planning isn’t a topic circulating through your peer group, it can seem far-off or irrelevant. However, neither of these assumptions are true.  Many people...

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estate planning tax exemption, future of estate tax exemption

03 Jun What is The Future of The Estate Tax Exemption?

    The future of the estate tax exemption is not yet concrete. However, we’re getting closer to understanding how wealthy estates may be affected if the bill known as The 99.5 Percent Act becomes law.  Currently, the federal estate tax exemption is $11.7 million for an individual...

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