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Top Five Fun Activities for a Summer in Phoenix, AZ


At Phelps LaClair, we know it is important to take a break during the summer and enjoy friends, family and nature. Summer in Phoenix is a wonderful time to plan outdoor activities with your loved ones. Here are our top five things to do in Phoenix this summer!

Things for kids to do during a hot summer in Phoenix:

1. Arizona Science Center & Desert Botanical Gardens

The Arizona Science Center offers Camp Innovation for a deeper dive into STEM learning. At this 5-day camp session kids can embrace “high-energy challenges, building and design opportunities,” and more. Other camps will be available throughout the summer, including Astro Camp. Or, if you’re just looking to do a daily trip, the Science Center has wonderful attractions and exhibits for the entire family.

Outside play and exploration are encouraged at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Dog Days are back now through June 26! Grab your kids, your dogs, and strap on your walking shoes for a beautiful morning stroll down the garden trails.  

 Great camping trip for a couple this summer:

2. Verde Hot Springs

A romantic and scenic slice of heaven awaits the adventurous couple that makes it out to Verde Hot Springs. You can find the hot springs by driving along Fossil Creek Road through the winding desert mountains. There are two pools—one is completely outside and the other is surrounded by four walls that are covered in unique artwork. You can also view remnants from a fire in the 1960’s that destroyed a hotel. Local legend has it that Al Capone used the space as a hideout!

Best Place for a Picnic in Phoenix, AZ

3. Dreamy Draw Recreation Area

Pack a lunch and invite the whole crew! The picnic areas can accommodate up to 200 people. Keep an eye out for wildlife while you’re on your after-picnic hike through the Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, but be mindful which trail you choose. The trails are marked by their difficulty level, ranging from easy to extremely difficult. Always be safe, hike with caution, and never leave trash behind. 

Things to do in the summer for adrenaline seekers: 

4. ATV Tours Deep in the Sonoran Desert

Get off the road! Drive over rocky slopes and seasonal creeks while catching pristine nature views of the desert landscape. Stellar Adventures will take you on a guided tour, traversing sandy washes and spotting exoctic flora and fauna. The trail ride can last a few hours and take two main trails: the Rocks & Ruins and 4 Peaks. 

Keeping cool in the Phoenix heat:

5. Hurricane Harbor

Keep the whole family cool, happy, and having fun outside this summer with a trip to the Hurricane Harbor Park. There’s an attraction for everyone, from the Bahama Blaster—the first dueling water coaster in the country that allows you to race a friend to the bottom—to Splash Island, where kids can weave through levels of slides and interactive water zones, then wait for the giant bucket to spill!

Phoenix Estate Planning Seminars 

While you’re out with your kids, watching them laugh and play in our Phoenix parks you might ask yourself what you’ve done so far to protect their future? We know how precious a lifetime is, and we want to help give your family peace of mind with an estate plan that provides for their future needs. Learn more about estate planning, and the top ten common mistakes, at one of our free seminars this summer.






image by: Christophe Schindler from Pixabay on 6/17/2021 | used under the creative commons license

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