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What to Do With Your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s that time of year: the season of celebration. You’re probably already thinking about what to do with leftover turkey! At Phelps LaClair, we love to gather together with friends and family for special occasions. And here we are in the last few weeks of the year, with gatherings of friends and family. Even with Arizona social distancing and mask requirements, we find ways to relax and enjoy life with those close to us.

But there are also folks who want to stay at home and have an intimate holiday meal with close relatives. In this season of COVID, a traditional meal can restore a sense of normalcy. And let’s face it, there are few things more inviting than coming home for the holidays to be greeted by the sweet hugs of a loving family and the aroma of a stuffed turkey roasting in the oven. At times like these, we feel truly alive.

Finally, everyone sits down around the table. As the platters and bowls of goodness are passed around, the conversation often turns to memories of holidays past, along with hopes and dreams for the future. We all agree how important it is to dream and to plan, even for things that are unknown.

After the dishes are washed and put away, and the youngest and oldest have gone to sleep with full stomachs and satisfied hearts, you turn around and spy what’s left of the bird. There is still a good portion of white and dark meat, and maybe some giblets. What are you planning to do with the leftover turkey, stuffing and sides? We have a few healthy suggestions for you. Yes, even with holiday feasts, there are healthy ways to celebrate!


There are the standard soups: turkey noodle, turkey rice, turkey soup with barley and potatoes, etc. These are all great tasting soups. But one of our favorites is a Gourmet Turkey Vegetable Soup, made with ginger, curry and cream. Starting with sautéed veggies seasoned with garlic, ginger, and your favorite curry, you add a stock made from the turkey carcass. Then you can add in the leftover turkey meat, some green beans and the cream. Let the soup simmer for a bit so the flavors can combine. Garnish with cilantro before serving. You will have a rich, satisfying soup that will be almost as memorable as the Thanksgiving meal itself.


Few people can resist turkey stuffing! When you have leftover turkey and stuffing, it’s a perfect time to make a turkey casserole. The best recipes call for butter, sour cream, condensed milk and broth. You can also add in broccoli and/or green beans for nutrition and color. Combine the ingredients and bake for 30-40 minutes. You’ll have down home comfort food in less than an hour!

Turkey Reuben Sandwich

When you want to try a different way to make a turkey sandwich, this one can’t be beat. Sauté some chopped onion and grated potato for 5-10 minutes, then add a cup of well-drained sauerkraut, two cups of shredded turkey, and some caraway seeds. Let it cook for a few minutes and serve open-faced on a dark rye or pumpernickel bread. That’s just how Uncle Reuben would do it!


Turkey and stuffing are a great way to build a salad. A few cups of chopped turkey, a couple of chopped celery ribs, a chopped apple, and a sliced fennel bulb are mixed together with a half cup of olive oil, some lemon juice and a tablespoon of Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper, garnish with parsley and top with leftover stuffing for an unusual, but delightful salad.


Let’s Celebrate!

Everybody talks about the “new normal”, but who knows what that will look like? At Phelps LaClair, we encourage you to plan for the future, whatever it may hold. It’s coming; that much is certain. We can help you secure your hopes and dreams with estate planning custom designed for you. We have done it for thousands of families in the Phoenix area. We can do it for you. Give us a call to schedule a free no obligation consultation. Don’t let the New Year begin without a plan. And, when you’re thinking about what to do with leftover turkey, remember to set your scale back ten pounds; ‘tis the season, after all!



Images used under creative commons license (Commercial Use) 12/9/2020 Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash


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