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What is the Best Way to Update your Will?



A living will is something that communicates your end-of-life medical decisions and allows your family members to rest assured that they’re making the right choices, if you’re unable to make them yourself. Having a living will is an essential step in estate planning. However, even after your will is drafted, you may find yourself needing to update or change it. 

How to Update a Will


Life doesn’t stand still. And usually opinions don’t either. There could be several reasons for needing to update your living will. 

Reasons to update a will:


  • Change the power of attorney
  • Appoint a different financial durable power of attorney
  • Alter your end-of-life decisions
  • Personal beliefs or choices have changed
  • Respond to changes in medicine or health care laws
  • Change or determine limits on your care


What is the best way to update my will (during quarantine)? 


Contact a lawyer who specializes in estate planning and knows the proper, legal way to update a will. If you don’t follow Arizona laws around changing a will, this could render it invalid. 

Don’t let the pandemic halt your estate planning. If you live in the Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Glendale areas, we can help you safely make changes to your estate amid the coronavirus pandemic. With Phelps LaClair, you can choose the best way to update your will.

Update Your Will in Person

You can safely meet with us in person. All our team members wear face coverings and we practice social distancing during our appointments with you. Any surface you come in contact with is thoroughly sanitized before your use. 

Meet via Video Conference or Over the Phone

We want you to feel comfortable and safe during your appointment. If you would prefer a video call or chatting over the phone, that’s what we will do!

Reviewing Your Will


Looking over your living will every so often can help protect you and ensure your wishes are met. At Phelps LaClair we offer a free checkup on your will every three years. You can stay on top of life’s many changes with our help. Contact us via phone, or on our website, to set up your appointment today.


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