waterfall hikes near Phoenix

Hikes with a Waterfall View Near Phoenix


At Phelps LaClair, we like to stay healthy so we will be able to enjoy long lives with our families and friends. We also encourage our clients to engage in athletic activities that bring them joy, like indulging in hikes with special attractions like a waterfall. 

Nature hikes can bring our hearts comfort through nature and health through exercise. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and escape to the quiet! Check out the list below for our recommendations on waterfall hikes near Phoenix to see which one you want to try first. 

Keep in mind that these hikes can be quite intense and are best suited for experienced hikers, climbers, and those used to a challenge. Don’t forget your water, sunscreen, and other essentials for a safe trip! 

Carney Springs Waterfall Hike

This location is perfect for a hike when you’re in the mood to relax, take in the canyon views, and relish in the beauty of the falls. This July, heavy rains brought a surge to the falls and they are flowing beautifully. Because the signpost is no longer up, finding the waterfall hike becomes a bit of an adventure—take Peralta Road on your drive to Carney Springs Waterfall. This hike is in a less-traveled area, so use caution, stay on the trail, and watch out for shifting rocks. 

Workman Creek Falls Near Phoenix 

If you’re an extreme adventurer who needs a bit of adrenaline along with a hike, check out Workman Creek Falls. Experienced climbers can rappel down the falls for a more intense day out in nature! After you’re done taking in the falls, you can further your hiking adventure by hopping on the nearby trail to Aztec Peak Lookout. At the top, a stunning vista of mountains and valleys awaits you. Photographers: bring your cameras!

Waterfall at Reavis Falls Trail 

This 200-foot spectacle of constantly flowing water lies in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Near the Salt River, Reavis Falls is a waterfall hike for serious hikers only.  Are you an avid climber? Do you like a bit of a challenge? If yes, this is the right pick for you. The trail is about 13 miles round trip (or you can continue on one of the other trails to extend your hike farther). Because dogs are allowed, this is a wonderful spot for your canine family member to get some exercise, too. However, because this is a wilderness hike, trail closures happen often—always check-in before planning your trip.

Do You Have an Estate Plan in Place?

While you are out on one of your waterfall hikes in Phoenix and you’re pondering life’s many questions, consider this question: is your estate plan prepared? No matter your age, creating an estate plan is an important step that every adult needs to take. 

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photo by David Mark from Pixabay.com on 9/9/2021 | used under the creative commons license | no edits made |

the image represents waterfalls in Arizona, it is not from one of the locations named in this article 

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