walking trails in Phoenix

Walking Trails in Phoenix

Everybody needs to have regular exercise to stay healthy. Yes, we are an estate planning law firm, but Phelps LaClair is also big on exercise as a way of increasing life satisfaction, good health, and longevity. But not every form of exercise needs to be intense. In the Phoenix metro area, there are many opportunities for outdoor excursions by foot. Here’s our list of the best walking trails in Phoenix.

1. Murphy’s Bridle Path

No, we’re not talking about weddings! And there are actually no horses, either. But Murphy’s Bridle Path is arguably the best in Phoenix for walking and jogging, especially if you appreciate upscale neighborhoods and tree-lined arcades. The ash and olive trees provide shade for summer strolls or leisurely bike rides, so it is enjoyable year-round.

2. Arizona Falls

This is a hidden gem that sits on the canal between Old Town and Arcadia. Enjoyable day or night, the soothing sound of the falls is the perfect antidote for city stress. After a walk along the canal, you can cool off between the falls and enjoy watching the fish and ducks.

3. Granada Park

Granada Park has walking trails, open space, ponds and athletic facilities. No matter what level of activity you are seeking, you can find it here. It’s a great park for the entire family, with lots of birds, fish in the ponds, and bathrooms.

4. South Mountain Park

If you want to hike to a place where you can look down on the beauty of Phoenix, this is the park for you. There are a multitude of trails to walk and hike. Some are easy; some will be challenging, even for those in good shape. Bring water! You can drive up to Dobbins Lookout to enjoy the Phoenix Valley spread out below you.

5. Lookout Mountain Preserve

Another great place to see Phoenix from above. There are many trails of all fitness levels to wander. Just be sure to bring plenty of water, and don’t forget to bring your camera.

6. Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

You can easily walk for hours on the trails at Riparian Preserve in Gilbert. There is interesting vegetation and wildlife to see and photograph. If you have a license, you can fish here in the lake. After dark, the night sky shines with the twinkling of millions of stars. Hiking, biking, fishing and astronomy are the specialty here, so if these are your thing, you will have hours of enjoyment.

7. Scottsdale Green Belt

Do you fancy walking for miles on a paved sidewalk that winds around lakes, a golf course, desert landscapes and lush greenery? Then Scottsdale Green Belt should be your next destination. There are 22 miles of trails with beautiful parks scattered along the way. It makes for a great bike workout, too, as the trails are virtually flat.

8. Telegraph Pass Trail

For a moderate hike, this trail has much to offer. It is 2.5 miles round trip, with a 500 foot elevation change. It also connects with the National Trail and the Kiwanis Trail if you want a longer hike. To hike the 8-mile round trip up to Telegraph Pass, you’ll need a few quarts of water and a few hours.

Something for everyone

Phelps LaClair has seven offices throughout the Phoenix area. Each one of them is near one or more of these great walking trails in Phoenix, so remember us when you are out and about, and feel free to stop in and say hello! 

If you want to find out more about our estate planning services, we offer a free first consultation with no obligation. Just as you need to have regular exercise for great health, you need to also exercise your desire to pass on your wealth to your heirs in the most life-affirming manner. We can help you do that—it’s what we do best!


Photo by Cherie Lee from Burst used under creative commons license for commercial use 2/29/2020.  

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