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Types of Residential Care Facilities in Phoenix

At Phelps LaClair, serving the Phoenix Valley, we’re passionate about helping others prepare for the future by creating estate plans that involve a strong long-term care plan. An effective estate plan covers several crucial financial bases. First, it provides an adequate financial base for your golden years. Second, it works to preserve an inheritance for your children. And third, it covers possible long-term care needs for you, and if married, for your spouse. It is the third of these three crucial areas we want to focus on today, with a specific emphasis on residential care facilities in Phoenix.

Residential Care Facilities

One of our previous blog posts looked at the pros and cons of home care versus long-term care. Of course, as we think of aging through our golden years, even if we eventually need help with cooking or cleaning or other menial tasks (aka custodial care), we would all prefer to stay in our own homes. But there are other feasible pathways that could be a positive choice, depending on whether we need custodial care or even medical care. Here are some of those options if you need to choose Long-Term Care:

At Home Care

You live in your own home with the help of others who can provide either custodial care or home health care. Custodial care covers the basic needs of a senior, for example, help with eating, bathing, cooking, and more. Home health care can include custodial care, but it adds in skilled nursing care for medical needs.

Additional aspects of At Home Care could include Adult Day Care, or Respite Care.

Adult Day Care. For seniors whose primary caretakers (often, these are family members) work or are unable to be with them each day, Adult Day Care is community-oriented care that provides a senior with social interaction and activities, some health services, and daytime meals. Professionally staffed, Adult Day Cares can also help with Alzheimer or dementia patients.

—Respite Care is to give primary caregivers time away from their caregiving responsibilities.  Respite care can be provided by home health aides, by communities, or through nursing home facilities.

Assisted Living

A community living environment that usually has separate housing units and offers help with basic needs, daily living needs, laundry, toileting, housekeeping, and meals. With 24-hour supervision, assisted living usually also has recreational activities and transportation available, and is a great place for seniors to have healthy community interaction.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Seniors live in their own apartments or homes. CCRCs are established to cover the needs of their residents, in the event that they decline from independent living to need assisted living, or even skilled nursing care. They also provide a variety of recreational and social activities for residents, meals, laundry care, and more.

Skilled Nursing Care Facilities

Living in a community environment with a private or semi-private room, skilled nursing care facilities provide 24-hour professional medical care, custodial care, and social care needs.

Being Ready

We all grow older. From birth, our bodies grow and change; it’s simply part of being human. This post on residential care facilities in Phoenix gives some insight into the different types of care that is available, should you or your spouse ever need long-term care. While we may not like to think of needing help as we grow older, putting in place an effective estate plan that sees to your future needs, while preserving your estate for future generations, is just plain good sense. There’s no better time than the present to take a good look at your plans. Being ready can make all the difference between a secure financial future or the draining of your estate through unplanned expenditures and unexpected physical crises. At Phelps LaClair in the Phoenix Valley, we’ve worked hard to develop estate planning that includes a smart tax plan, strategies to guard your assets, and a long-term care plan that gives you confidence for your golden years.  Have questions? Give us a call, or come and meet us at one of our free seminars in Chandler or Gilbert, AZ.

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