the importance of rest

The Importance of Rest

There is a quote from Jason Bourne in one of the early Bourne Trilogy novels: “Rest is a weapon.” Bourne was exhausted from days of sleeplessness. In spite of needing to stay vigilant, he recognized that he needed rest in order to be able to accomplish his mission. So he slept. As a second generation estate planning law firm in the Phoenix area, we understand the importance of work. But this Labor Day weekend, we at Phelps LaClair in Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler, want to give you permission to rest from your labors and recharge so that you can swing into the fall season with renewed hope and energy.

Purpose of rest

The purpose of rest is to allow time for your mind, body and spirit to recover from the stresses of everyday life. Work is important—the act of work is satisfying. The sense of accomplishment often releases endorphins. And without meaningful work, life can seem pointless. But stress is a proven killer! We desperately need times of play as much as we need times of work. Rest is a weapon in the battle of life.

Value of rest

There are many therapeutic values to rest and relaxation. Rest enables blood to flow more freely to your muscles. The benefit to you is more energy and a faster metabolism. The heart is a muscle—a slower heart rate gives this vital organ an opportunity to slow down without being driven by the stress of adrenaline. A damaged heart is unable to regenerate heart tissue; it simply replaces damaged heart cells with scar tissue. Keeping a healthy heart is a prime reason to rest well and regularly.

Rest also clears toxins from your brain stem and spinal column. This happens several times during the night as you sleep. When you are sleeping well, you awake more refreshed. You think more clearly and you are able to make decisions more easily.

Mind, body, and spirit are not separate; they are three parts of a functioning whole. In our fast-paced world, we often overlook the need for spiritual rest. Rest enables a spiritual recovery that brings a sense of hope and well-being. Prayer and meditation have proven benefits for both mind and body. A better outlook on life brings peace of mind and better physical well-being. Rest is a weapon in the battle for health.

How to rest

There are many ways to rest, and not every way is right for every person. Many people rest by engaging in physical activity. That may seem counter-intuitive, but “runner’s high” is a real thing. For people with a sedentary lifestyle, moving the body is actually more restful than simply lounging in front of a TV.

Extroverts often find social interaction to be very restful. Hanging out with good friends and family brings tremendous peace of mind. Introverts, on the other hand, often want to curl up on the sofa with a good book. They find that alone time brings them peace of mind.

Many people engage in a hobby that brings them relaxation and joy. It may be physical sports or game playing, musical endeavors or cross-stitch; people with hobbies are often more interesting and more engaged with life. Rest is a weapon in the battle for fulfillment.


At Phelps LaClair, we want you to enjoy a long and prosperous life. Rest is an important part of the legacy you will leave. We would love to hear how you rest and how rest affects you. When you need to gain peace of mind concerning your estate plans, give us a call. As a leading estate planning law firm in the Phoenix area, we will work with you to review your plan or design a plan for your future. Your first consultation with us is free. We work for you so you can rest easy. Rest is a weapon in the battle for your future!



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