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How to Spread Holiday Cheer All Year

Holidays are a time for joy, laughter, pretty lights, great decorations, and delicious food. We gather with friends and family, we connect with past acquaintances, we enjoy festivities and special events. And in the middle of all the activities that go along with holiday seasons, it’s important to remember the purpose of the holidays. They are an opportunity for generosity and for spreading cheer—to those we know, and even to strangers we meet in our region. Phelps LaClair is excellent at providing strategic estate planning services to Gilbert, Scottsdale and surrounding areas. And because we work to better the lives of families in our region, we’re suggesting ideas to bring cheer throughout the year to friends and family members, and even to strangers around us.

Spreading Cheer

  • Handwritten Letter: With the advent of social media, sending letters through the postal service has become less popular. But writing a letter is an easy way to brighten someone’s day. It only takes a few minutes and shows consideration, thoughtfulness, and kindness. Pull out that tasteful or beautiful stationery and jot an encouraging note to someone who needs a lift. It’ll make you feel good, and it’ll certainly give them an unexpected surprise that causes them feel special and loved.
  • Facetime/Skype an Old Friend: If you want to forego the old-school tradition of a handwritten letter, use the advancement of technology to reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in months. Catch up on the latest in their lives and strengthen your friendship through taking the time to chat together on the internet.
  • Buy Coffee for a Stranger: A simple, unanticipated gesture can go a long way toward spreading cheer. The next time you go through a drive-through, pay for the car behind you. Or, while standing in line at a coffee shop, offer to buy coffee for the person in front of you or behind you. You can even give a certain amount of cash to a store cashier and have them pay for the orders of those behind you, until the money runs out. An act of kindness can be anonymous or known, but it always brings light and life to the one receiving it.
  • Smile and Joke: Be lighthearted with your cashiers, waiters/waitresses, anyone who is serving you. They’re people who have families, needs, stresses, and their hard work isn’t always appreciated. Make their day by joking with them, encouraging them, and giving them something to smile about.
  • Tipping: And when you’re out to eat with friends or family, leave a nice tip for your server. Show them kindness in a practical way by contributing to their financial earnings.
  • Act of Kindness: Whether it’s as simple as opening a door, bringing breakfast to work for your office staff, buying movie tickets for a family in your neighborhood, or serving at the local homeless shelter, acts of kindness can change perspectives, give hope, and let people know their value. An act of kindness goes a long way toward spreading good cheer! 

At Phelps LaClair, we want to help you with all your estate-planning needs, and we want to help spread good cheer to our neighbors in Arizona. Join us in spreading holiday cheer all year long!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (12/15/2017) Lauren Manning (Flickr)

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