tubing the salt river in arizona

All You Need to Know About Salt River Tubing in Phoenix, Arizona



It’s getting hotter outside and we are looking for activities to do outside that help keep us cool! Chilling in a mountain stream seems appropriate, right? Grab your tube, and let’s go! 

At Phelps LaClair, we think it’s important to get out and enjoy nature. Tubing down the Salt River is a fun way to beat the heat and relax with our friends and families. Some tubing journeys down the Salt River can last up to five hours! What a fantastic way to spend a sunny afternoon catching up with loved ones you haven’t seen in too long. 

Salt River Tubing in Arizona, 2021

Opening Day for Tubing the Salt River

Salt River Tubing’s opening day is Saturday, May 1st, 2021. Tubing on the Lower Salt River will be open from 9:00am – 6:30pm every day. Precautions to prevent the spread of Covid19 are in place, including having guests wear masks at the desk during tube rental/return and while on the shuttle buses. 

Group Size for Salt River Tubing

The maximum group size is ten people. Family and friends that have traveled together may choose not to socially distance within their group, once they’re out on the river. 

Can Kids go Tubing on the Salt River?

Yes! Kids love tubing down the river and experiencing the wonders in nature, like catching a glimpse of the Salt River horses sipping from the stream. 

It’s recommended that children wear life jackets when tubing and be at least eight years old. As long as you take the appropriate safety precautions, just slap some sunscreen on the kids and get floating! 

Access points for Salt River Tubing in Arizona

There are six access points for tubing along the Salt River, and all of them are within the Lower Salt River Recreation Area where the river cuts through the Mesa Ranger District. 

Tubing the Salt River in Phoenix, AZ

USA Today has given great directions for finding the access points for tubing. They mention you should follow State Route 202, heading east and exit at Power Road. 

Some other tips for tubing on the Salt River include:

  • Arrive early in the day—long lines can form by 10:00 a.m.
  • Carry your towel with you—it can prevent sun exposure and keep you from sticking to a hot, black tube.
  • Ask for an extra tube at rental, and put your cooler in it—tie it between a few of the tubes for easy access.
  • Leave glass at home! When stocking your cooler, remember that alcohol and drugs do not mix with tubing down the Salt River. 

Estate Planning in Arizona

While you’re out floating and chatting with your friends, the topic of retirement may come up. In the past year, we’ve all been reminded that preparing for future unknowns can only help. 

Usually people wait until retirement to prepare an estate plan. That is not what we recommend at Phelps LaClair. If you own a home, you should have an estate plan. Regardless of that, at 25 you’re not too young to protect your family’s future should anything happen to you. Put a plan in place with our help and achieve peace of mind.  

Did you know that Arizona’s probate court system can impose itself on any estate worth more than $75,000? If you fall into that category, you will benefit from an estate plan. We can design and budget to meet your goals, however simple or complex they are. Our clients come from all walks of life. Seek us out to begin your estate plan.





photo by Outdoor Craziness from Wikimedia.org on 5/3/2021 | used under the Creative Commons License

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