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When & Where to See The Salt River Wild Horses in Arizona


Salt River Wild Horses

Hiking around Phoenix is one of our favorite ways to exercise. And hiking while gazing at wild horses? That’s just a treat. Surprisingly, the Salt River wild horses have likely been in America for generations. Horses are not native to North America, but the wild ones today are descendents from horses that a missionary brought over in the late 1600s. 

Best Place to See Arizona’s Wild Horses

So, where are the Salt River Wild Horses? 

Horses naturally cover a fair amount of ground while grazing throughout the day, but they are often spotted in the Coon Bluff area. This spot is a fantastic place to relax and watch the birds while you wait for the wild horses to appear. Rest under the mesquite trees or walk along the riverbank and you’re likely to see a group of wild horses walking with you. 

Can I See the Salt River Wild Horses on My Kayak?

You just might! People have spotted the horses while kayaking on Saguaro Lake. Kayaking in the wilderness of Tonto National Forest brings an opportunity to see other wildlife as well. Great blue herons, bald eagles, and other wild animals visit the lower Salt River. 

Tips for viewing the salt river wild horses: 

Our best tip? Try to catch the wild horses when they’re heading out for a drink. 

  • Go around sunrise or sunset.
  • Go to the lower Salt River shoreline.   


The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group protects these majestic creatures, ensuring they have healthy lives on the land they’ve occupied for generations. As Arizona citizens we want to marvel at the wild horses, yet still respect their habitat. How do we keep the horses safe while catching a visit with them? 

Some guidelines from the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group include keeping a distance of at least fifty feet and never chasing the wild horses, or letting your dogs off-leash. Respect the horses’ space and leave the place cleaner than you found it.

Protecting Future Generations

Laws have been put in place to protect Arizona’s wild horses and keep them healthy, happy, and thriving into the future. We understand this because we seek the same for our families. We want them to thrive well into the future.  

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image by Chris Rosepapa | from Pixabay on 3/30/2021 | used under creative commons license 

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