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Plan Your Estate-Phelps LaClair’s Free Service Package

We love our work. You might say it’s in our genes, since we’re a second generation estate planning firm. Stephen Phelps started our firm and was a friend to his clients, known for his wisdom and his good sense of humor. Today, James Phelps and the entire team at Phelps LaClair (located in Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa AZ) carry Stephen Phelps’ passion for helping families. And in fact, our firm still counsels many of the same families who were clients of Stephen Phelps. Knowing you’ll feel secure about your future is one reason we enjoy the privilege of helping you plan your estate.

The Phelps LaClair Free Service Package

If it were just about preparing paperwork or making certain your estate plan complies with Arizona law, our job as estate planning lawyers would quickly become monotonous. But we’re about relationship, too. That means we want to walk with you from the inception of creating an effective estate plan, through the maintenance of your plan, and to the implementation of that plan when the time comes.

That’s why we’re one of a handful of estate planning law firms that offers a free service package. We disagree with the policies of many firms that charge hundreds of dollars in annual fees in order to check their clients’ Living Trusts and other documents. As a trust client at Phelps LaClair, you’re automatically entitled to our Phelps LaClair Free Service Package.

Our Free Service Package Includes the Following Benefits:

    • A free trust review meeting with an attorney every 3 years. Since circumstances and family relationships can change, it’s essential to review your Living Trust and keep it current, so it will function properly and avoid probate. At your 3-year review, we’ll go over your asset titles, your beneficiary designations, and we’ll make sure your trust is properly funded—all without a fee! And in the event that you decide changes, updates, or enhancements are necessary for your trust, or if you need assistance in transferring newly acquired assets to your trust, we’ll quote you a reasonable flat fee, with no hidden costs.
    • Unlimited phone calls with you or your advisors regarding your plan. It’s nice to know you can contact us without worrying about being charged each time you have a question or concern. Your connection with us is important, and we want to keep our lines of communication open, so your needs can be addressed, and you can feel secure about your trust and your future.
    • Discounts on other planning fees. Since you’re a trusted client, we offer you discounts on any additional enhancements or plans you may opt to add to your current estate plan. We value our relationship with you and we value your business, and this is one way we can show our gratitude to you.
    • Periodic Seminars and newsletters on estate planning topics. We regularly do estate planning seminars on various topics. For our Living Trust clients, those seminars are free. We also send out newsletters with helpful reminders and interesting information, absolutely free to you as an established client.
    • Meeting with your Trustee upon death or disability. When the time comes to implement your Living Trust, we’ll meet with your assigned trustee(s) and give them helpful guidance and direction. It’s our way of assuring you the baton will be successfully passed and your legacy will continue.

We want to take time to say thank you to our current clients. We’ve enjoyed our connection with you, and we enjoy serving you and your family. Helping you develop and maintain a Living Trust that works for you and that will successfully transfer to your beneficiaries is paramount to us.

If you’re reading this post and you’ve recognized your need to establish a Living Trust for your estate, we invite you to contact us with any questions you may have. Our first consultation is absolutely free. We’ll be glad to meet you and discuss your needs, and if you choose to create a Living Trust we’ll walk with you as you take steps to plan your estate. We’re Phelps LaClair, and we care about families who care about legacy.



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