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Tempe Town Lake Paddle Boarding & Kayaking




Winter is such a wonderful time in Phoenix! With temperatures hovering around 75 degrees it’s a perfect time to get outside and enjoy the scenery. Fitness is important to us here at Phelps LaClair. We consider a big part of staying healthy and happy. 

However, not everyone is into pumping iron or running a half-marathon. Some of us appreciate exercise with a slow pace, a good view, and an hour of outside time. 

Paddle Boarding on Tempe Town Lake

Relaxing and getting exercise at the same time sounds impossible. But it’s not! The stand-up paddle board (SUP) offers full-body, low-impact exercise and the chance to enjoy nature simultaneously. Sign us up!

A convenient and beautiful place to engage in this activity is our Town Lake here in Tempe, AZ. Rentals are available Monday—Thursday, 10:00am – 6:00pm. This season the cost is $20 for one hour or $30 for two hours. All gear is sanitized after every use. 

First-timer? No worries! Paddle boarding is easy to learn. Most people pick it up on their first try. If you would like some instruction before heading out on your own, you can register for beginner classes

Looking for more of a challenge? You can take a SUP fitness class on Tempe Town Lake! Getting out on the water can offer a wonderful change in your regular workout routine. 

Kayak and Paddle Boarding Rules

There are a few rules to follow when setting out for adventure on your paddleboard.

Before sliding into the water of Tempe Town Lake (TTL), make sure your SUP has:

  • Lifejacket 
  • Leash (must be worn while on the lake)
  • Launch plan
  • Permit 
    • all Arizona lakes require a permit
    • there’s a specific permit you need for Tempe Town Lake 
    • Riverbound Sports provides permits with all TTL rentals

If you own an SUP or kayak, and are just looking for a place to launch, you can do so from the boat beach or the marina. Tempe Boat Rentals (located in the park) will have their customers launch from the south shore near their kiosk. You may not launch from this spot unless you’re renting equipment. 

Early risers, or sunset watchers, keep in mind that if you’re paddling before or after sunrise, you’re required to have navigation lights on your board. 

Also, follow the lake’s traffic pattern: counterclockwise flow. Give way to commercial watercrafts. Stay at least 30 feet away from anchored or drifting boats.


Take Pride in Yourself

Learning a new skill, like kayaking or paddle boarding, is a reason to feel proud of yourself. You can also feel a great deal of pride from having a solid estate plan. When you’re daydreaming out on the lake, make sure your mind is at ease and not worrying over your estate plan or lack thereof! 

Give us a call for a free consultation. We here at Phelps LaClair can help you create an excellent estate plan that will serve you and your loved ones when the time comes.






photo “Tempe Town Lake” by Don | used under creative commons license | 3/4/2021 from Flickr

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