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Let Jeffrey LaClair Minimize Estate Planning Taxation in the Phoenix Valley

There are many hidden gems in the Phoenix Valley; natural landmarks; historical firsts; interesting eateries and pubs; and Jeffrey LaClair. Yes, we include our very own Phelps LaClair attorney, Jeffrey LaClair, in that list of hidden gems. Jeffrey has strong experience and much wisdom regarding how to minimize estate planning taxation in the Phoenix Valley. He augments our firm’s two generations of experience with his strong knowledge of Arizona and U.S. tax laws.

Before we introduce one of our best hidden gems in the world of estate planning, it’s helpful to know that the state of Arizona does not collect a state inheritance tax. Through the federal Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act in 2006, the collection of estate taxes in the Grand Canyon state ended. But, depending on how your estate plan is set up, there can still be tax liabilities when passing on an inheritance.

Make Your Estate Plan Tax-Friendly

How you set up your estate plan can minimize estate planning taxation in the Phoenix Valley. When it comes to your beneficiaries having to pay income taxes or estate taxes from other states, Jeffrey LaClair’s broad education and experience in tax law come in handy. Knowledgeable in both Arizona and federal tax laws, he’s highly qualified to give you counsel that can establish the best possible outcome for you and your family. Here’s a little bit about our Phelps LaClair hidden gem:

Jeffrey LaClair has an impressive education background:

  • Masters of Laws degree in Taxation from New York University
    • The top tax program in the country
    • With a specialization in Estate Planning
    • Valedictorian of his law school class
  • Graduated summa cum laude with a law degree from St. Thomas University
  • Business administration bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University
  • Personal Finance major at Haworth College of Business

Prior to joining our Phelps LaClair team, Jeffrey worked in the finance industry and served as a lawyer in tax planning and tax controversy work. It was during that time that he saw the stress caused to families through IRS disputes and family infighting. That led Jeffrey to become involved in comprehensive estate planning that includes tax planning and business succession planning. His goal? To help families proactively avoid future family and IRS disputes from happening by effective planning in the present.

As a partner at Phelps LaClair, Jeffrey focuses his practice in the areas of estate planning, taxation, asset protection, and business planning. He’s able to design customized plans using trusts, LLCs, and other entities. And last but not least, he has a special interest in helping develop special needs planning for those who want to create a secure future for their disabled loved ones.

Hidden Gem

Now you can understand why we call our own Jeffery LaClair a hidden gem of the Phoenix Valley. Multi-talented and more than capable, he adds a volume of experience to our firm. If you’re interested in sitting down with a qualified law firm and learning how to minimize estate planning taxation in the Phoenix Valley, call our offices at Phelps LaClair and schedule an appointment with James Phelps, Bryan Holm, or Jeffrey LaClair. Or, sign up for one of our free estate planning seminars and come to meet us in person!



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