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Geriatric Care Managers

Long-term care planning is one of the key parts of a successful estate plan. Elder care is one component of long-term care planning. You may be far from retirement age, but it is never too soon to begin to consider what should happen if your parents need long-term care. For over four decades, Phelps LaClair, serving Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa and Scottsdale, has helped hundreds of families consider the emotional, financial and practical implications of long-term elder care.

The Sandwich Generation

For some families, long-term elder care has become a reality. Every situation is unique, and yet it is a complex and difficult adjustment for everyone. Dealing with the practical and logistical needs of the family can be daunting. Being the parent of your parent can be an exhausting, life draining task that can sometimes overwhelm even the most dedicated adult child. Especially for those who are caretakers of their aging parents, while at the same time raising their own families, working full time jobs, and living a busy life. This is the “Sandwich Generation”.

Perhaps for those of you who have loved ones with a need for long-term care, it is time to consider a professional geriatric care manager.

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric care managers are health and human services professionals who have specialized training in the needs of the elderly and disabled. Working with both the disabled and older adults, they assess the needs of the individual and provide recommendations to the family for goods and services needed to ensure a healthy, high-quality, well-functioning life. They work with the family to determine if they qualify for assistance and services, giving appropriate options for the choices that need to be made.

What do they manage?

Geriatric care managers connect families to resources that they can draw upon for guidance in housing and home care, assisted living, crisis prevention, and primary care physicians. They can arrange and oversee long distance caregivers; arrange for in-home care and management so that seniors can stay in their own homes; or they can help in relocating to nursing homes or assisted living facilities so that elders or disabled adults can be closer to relatives.

Working with medical professionals allows geriatric care managers to assure quality of care. Finally, they work with estate planning law firms like Phelps LaClair, providing assessments and recommendations that we can use in estate planning. Geriatric care managers are able to relieve much of the stress and burden that comes with taking care of an elderly or disabled parent.

Challenges of long-term care planning

Studies show that 70% of Americans aged 65 and older will need long-term care services and support at some point in their lifetime. The price tag is staggering, and will only increase as life expectancy increases. Phelps LaClair is highly experienced in planning for long-term care. Whether it is through irrevocable trusts, long-term care insurance, qualifying for medicaid or Veteran’s benefits, we can provide you with options that can protect your assets and ease the financial stress of paying for long-term care. Call us for a free first consultation to discuss elder care and how long-term care planning fits into a great estate plan.



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