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Aging Successfully in the Phoenix Valley

When we’re young, we don’t give much thought to growing older. But by the time we reach our 50s, we’re probably coming to terms with one reality of life: eventually, we grow old. However, there are keys to aging successfully! As an estate planning firm that believes strongly in being ready for the possibility of Long-Term Care, our staff at Phelps LaClair (located in Gilbert, Mesa, & Chandler AZ) would like to present some thoughts on aging successfully.

Aging Successfully

We’ve all heard some variation of the phrase, “Growing old isn’t for cowards.” And in fact, how we approach aging can make a big difference in whether we enjoy life or dread getting up in the morning. So, onward with a courageous look at the subject!

Attitude is Key

Our beliefs and attitudes about aging make a huge difference; and not just in our enjoyment of life. Attitudes have been found to either positively or negatively affect our physical bodies and our mental faculties. An Irish study involving 4135 participants found that negative perceptions about aging affected the connection between physical frailty and cognitive function. Generally, that means older adults with a darker outlook on aging were more frail, and their frailty affected their mental abilities. Psychology Today also reports that people with negative perspectives had slower walking speeds and were at risk for multiple health problems.

Staying Active and Eating Well

The unfortunate reality in America is that our culture puts a negative spin on aging. But that does not have to be our lot in life. We can choose to embrace the aging process and enjoy each stage of growth. And as part of a positive approach to aging we can choose physical fitness, especially since keeping our bodies in good shape and eating well both contribute to better overall health as we age. Maintaining good physical health and fitness includes not smoking, exercising daily in some form for about 30 minutes, and checking in with our family doctor for physicals.

Relational Health

There is another important aspect that contributes to a positive aging experience. We need to stay connected to other people. Our social interactions play a significant role in how well we grow older. Playing cards, or golf, or doing crafts with others isn’t just about the activities, but about having life-giving emotional interactions. And being kind toward ourselves and our limitations is another part of aging well. Laughing about our shortcomings and forgiving ourselves if we fail will go a long way toward keeping our emotions healthy, which in turn will positively benefit our physical bodies.

Financial Security for the Future

Lastly, planning ahead for your financial future can give you peace of mind that makes your golden years enjoyable and keeps the negative effects of stress at bay. Having an estate plan in place to provide for you in retirement is a key step in making sure you’re financially ready. And as part of that estate plan, protecting your estate from the rising expenses associated with Long-Term Care is critical. You never know what the future will bring, but you can be ready by using the right revocable or irrevocable trust(s) to protect your estate and pass on your legacy.

Aging successfully includes a positive outlook, treating your body well, loving interactions, and being financially ready for the future. If you’re located in the Phoenix Valley and you’d like to know how to be financially set for Long-Term Care, we invite you to contact our offices at Phelps LaClair. Our first consultation is absolutely free!


Images used under creative commons license (Commercial Use) 12/13/18) Photo by Anthony Metcalfe on Unsplash

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