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Tips to Success In The New Year

With the turn of the calendar to a new year, millions of people are resolving to make positive changes. They’re eager to develop new disciplines, forego bad habits, learn new skills, or take up new hobbies. But by the time February rolls around, enthusiasm for change has often been abandoned and goals set aside. Phelps LaClair, serving the greater Phoenix area, is here to help you, not only with all your estate planning needs, but also with some practical ways to find success in sticking to your New Year’s resolutions.

Practical Tips

Success starts with taking one step at a time. If we focus on the big picture we can become overwhelmed and lose motivation. But when we keep our attention on the next step and create attainable goals for ourselves, we won’t give up so easily. Creating manageable goals with a flexible timeline brings a sense of victory to each small step, and it keeps momentum moving forward. We’ve listed some possible goals below, and with each one we’ve included practical ideas of how that goal could be accomplished:

*Become a rock star: Anyone would love to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix, but it took him years of playing to develop his skill. If you want to learn an instrument, give yourself time to learn the basics. Practice regularly, and once you’ve got the basics down, try learning one simple song. Build your repertoire by slowly adding new songs.
*Become a master chef: Even famous Julia Child had to become excellent as a chef. Buy a cookbook that fits your cooking style, and try a new recipe each week.
*Get in shape: This one of the most common resolutions made at the beginning of each new year. And unfortunately, it’s also one of the most common resolutions to go unfulfilled. To be successful, set reasonable goals. If you haven’t worked out in months, a goal of running every day may be not be attainable. Start with jogging short distances, and only running two or three days a week. Then increase your distance and frequency as your endurance grows.  And, find a workout buddy to help with motivation. As with all physical exercise, check with your doctor for optimum exercise levels suited to your age and weight. And don’t forget to celebrate each little victory.
*Read more: Depending on the amount of time in your schedule and your reading level, a great way to fulfill this goal is to read one new book each month. If you’re a speedy reader, set your limit to two books per month. Do you know what genre you like to read? Stop at a library and discuss your reading preferences with a librarian who can help you search out books in that genre. Librarians are a great resource to help you navigate the many titles available.
*Eat healthy: When your diet consists mainly of sugary foods or takeout, you’re not getting the nutrients you need and you’re eating empty (and sometimes harmful) ingredients. To change your diet, start small by adding a piece of fruit into your routine and cutting out one poor diet choice. Then work toward slowly increasing the amount of healthy foods you eat each week and decreasing some of the unhealthy foods. Set goals on a weekly basis. Keep track of your successes and make note of where you need to choose more carefully.
*Explore the world: Traveling is an excellent way to build confidence, enjoy life, and experience other cultures. This may be a lofty goal if your job is inflexible or if finances are tight. But going far away isn’t the only “real” travel option. Start by taking day trips to explore sights in your region. Take time to discover the world nearby, while planning ahead for future travel goals that may include going farther from home.
*Learn a language: This is a great goal to help in both your professional life, as well as your personal life. Learning a new language is possible by practice and review. Start small with a goal like learning ten phrases a month. Search for online help to understand that language’s verb conjugations. Find someone in your region who speaks your language of choice and get together for coffee and language practice.

Resolutions can be a wonderful tool for personal growth. They help us reflect on where we were and plan for improving our lives. Just don’t forget to be practical and set attainable goals. Phelps LaClair wants to see you succeed!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (1/4/2018) Harry Pammer (Flickr)

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