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The 4 Best Spots to Go Fishing in Arizona

As a second generation Estate Planning Firm in Gilbert, Arizona, Phelps LaClair is in the business of helping people plan for their future now so they can enjoy their golden years without worry. And while we’re devoted to the financial wellbeing of families, we also recognize the mental, physical and emotional components of wellbeing. 

As local Arizonans, we can say one of our favorite ways to spend the hot summer is on the lake! Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a quick day trip, if you enjoy the sport of fishing there’s no shortage of incredible fishing spots in our fair state. Just be sure to acquire your fishing license in advance, as it’s required if you want to take any fish away. 

1. Lake Havasu State Park

Lake Havasu is on the western border of the State and is shared by Arizona and California. As a part of the Colorado River corridor, this 19,000-acre impoundment enjoys a fresh flow of water that makes it a haven for largemouth and smallmouth bass. It’s fairly common to catch a 4-5 pound bass in these waters. With amazing weather and great hospitality, this lake is a sport fishing paradise. 

2. Patagonia Lake State Park 

If you’ve never been further south than Tucson and are looking for a tranquil place to cast your line, then Patagonia Lake State Park is the perfect destination for you. Located in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, this smaller, 265-acre lake holds a variety of fish, like largemouth bass, channel catfish and flathead catfish, crappies, and sunfish. Enjoy fishing from a boat or along the brush-covered shoreline that provides cover for the large bass population. On the water or from the shore, this lake is an ideal location for a day of fishing. 

3. Lake Pleasant Regional Park

If you’re just looking for a fishing day trip, Lake Pleasant, located in Peoria, is just under an hour’s drive from the heart of Phoenix. This lake is home to a variety of fish, including bass, catfish, sunfish, crappies, buffalo fish, bluegills and tilapia. With 10,000 acres of water surface and 116 miles of shoreline, it’s the largest lake in the Phoenix area. Whether you’re on a boat or casting from the shoreline, you can take in all the beauty that the desert has to offer. 

4. Lower Salt River 

The Salt River is a popular tubing, kayaking and paddleboarding destination for local Phonecians, but it’s often overlooked as a top-notch fishing hole. In fact, the Arizona Game and Fish Department boasts that it’s the only coldwater trout fishery in the U.S. to be located in a desert. Perhaps the fact that it’s overlooked is what makes it such a peaceful spot to fish year-round for rainbow trout, largemouth bass, sunfish, and catfish. 

Your Estate Planning Attorneys in Phoenix

While we can’t claim to be experts in the sport of fishing in Arizona, we have mastered one thing: helping families protect their assets for future generations. When you choose Phelps LaClair as your estate planning attorneys, your first consultation with us is free. And if you create a will or trust with us, we offer all of our clients a free Lifetime Service Package, which includes a free, in-person trust review with an attorney every three years. Don’t leave your legacy in the balance; contact us today! 


Image by Kaiserwinkl from Pixabay (7/5/2019)

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