Not Your Average Attorneys

Look, you guys…we get it. We’ve heard the Lawyer jokes, seen the lawyer memes, and listened with a sympathetic ear while our friends complained to us about “legaleze.” We know you’re fed up with attorneys who fit the stereotype and prey on the average Joe or Jane who doesn’t know much about the law when it comes to estate planning.

That’s why we’re starting this blog. We want to change some of those stereotypes and let you know that we’re just normal guys. Yes, we happen to know a lot about the right way to protect your estate and avoid probate, but we’re also a lot like you. We have families. We have homes. We have hopes, dreams, and concerns for our futures. We even laugh at those lawyer jokes, because let’s face it: they’re hilarious.

But most of all, we’ve seen time and again how proper estate planning can eliminate a lot of worry and stress, both now and in the future. We just figure it’s our job to share some of the things we’ve learned over the years to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

So keep us in your bookmarks, subscribe to the blog, follow us on Facebook…whatever works for you, because in the near future we’ll be sharing our insights on topics that we think you’ll find relevant. We want to tell stories that will get you thinking about your own situation so you’re prepared no matter what. Watch for our take on current events that go right along with some of the services we offer and ideas for keeping your assets safe. We might even pass on a good lawyer joke once in a while.

Come back and see us again soon, and feel free to leave a comment. In fact, why don’t you leave us your favorite lawyer joke!


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