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Golfing In Phoenix, Arizona

How would you like to win a million dollars playing golf? This weekend, someone will do just that. Golfing in Phoenix, Arizona enjoys its biggest boost of the year this weekend with the Phoenix Open at the TPC in Scottsdale. At Phelps LaClair, we all enjoy sports and outdoor activities. That’s why this weekend’s golf tournament has our attention as the top PGA players from all over the world compete for the lowest score over 72 holes.

Getting Into Golf

Golf looks deceptively simple, but it is an incredibly difficult game to master. It is a game almost anyone can play, given the time to learn and practice. From using the proper club sizes for your body type, to the grip you use, to the swing you develop; everything has to work together perfectly to make that little dimpled ball fly through the air like a rocket. However, golf is a game almost anyone can play, given the time to learn and practice. For some people it will be a lifelong pursuit of perfection. For others it will be a great way to take a walk. For most, golf will be a pleasant pastime and an excellent, relaxing way to socialize and exercise.

Take It From The Top

So, where do you begin to learn how to play? The best way to get started is to find a professional golf instructor. Every good golf course will have a pro golfer on staff. They will help you find the right equipment and teach you what each golf club is made to do. They will show you the right way to grip the clubs, and most important of all: they will teach you how to swing the club. A good teacher will save you many years of frustration and will get you going in the right direction as you develop your game.

Time And Money

As for those clubs, you don’t need to invest a lot of money at the beginning. You really only need about 6 or 7 clubs and a golf bag. These can be purchased new or used from pro shops at the course or from your local sporting goods store. You don’t want to buy online; you need to try the clubs out to know if they will work for you.

And you need a lot of time. Become a regular at the driving range as you practice your swing with each of your clubs. Once you know how to control your swing, you will want to go to a regular golf course. These days, public courses are plentiful and not too expensive. Take a buddy along for confidence and go have fun!


Well, actually…forward! Golfing in Phoenix, Arizona is a great way to make friends and entertain business associates. At Phelps LaClair, we encourage everyone to live out loud. Enjoy life in the beautiful environs of the Phoenix Valley, and as the opportunity arises, take your clubs and hit the fairways and greens of America. Once you get the taste of a perfect golf shot, you won’t trade it for a million bucks!



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