Winter hiking trails around Phoenix - view of city with mountain in distance

Family-Friendly Winter Hiking Trails Around Phoenix

It’s WINTER in Phoenix! And while much of the United States has to shovel snow and tolerate frigid temperatures, in our neck of the woods (or desert), that means the weather is perfect for getting outside. At Phelps LaClair, we love going outdoors as part of healthy family living. That’s one reason we’re taking time to highlight winter hiking trails around Phoenix.

Gentle Hiking for Families with Kids

If you’re not used to hiking or you’ve got younger children, you may want to choose one of the easier hiking options around Phoenix. Fortunately, there are lots of beginner hikes that still have wonderful views and beautiful terrain. Here is one link that gives options for anything from a hike in the desert to pleasant city walks, including:

South Mountain Park & Reserve

—Judith Tunnell Accessible Trail, a barrier-free, one-mile loop

—National Trail from Buena Vista Lookout to Fat Man’s Pass, a moderate trail; 3.6 miles round trip

The Canal Trails of Phoenix and the surrounding region are another possibility for easier walking on smooth, man-made surfaces along lovely waterways. Choose from eight different canals that wind their way through neighborhoods, restaurants and shops, and more. Here’s a link that lets you calculate distances between starting and ending points on the various canal routes. Hike along these canals:

—Arizona Canal

—Grand Canal

—Western Canal

—New Crosscut Canal

—South Canal

—Tempe Canal

—Eastern Canal

—Consolidated Canal

The Phoenix Sonoran Preserve is another part of the city park system that offers numerous hiking trails in the desert beauty of our region. With a total of 21 trails between the Northern Area and the Southern Area, trail lengths range from .34 miles to 6.98 miles. Most of the trails in the Preserve are categorized as easy to moderate. Click on this link for a map of the trails.

Take it to the Next Level

If you’ve got more experienced hikers in your family and you’re looking for a more rugged  hike, Camelback Mountain could be a good choice. There are two main trails on Camelback. Both are listed on the Trails Rating Guide as extremely difficult. That means you’ll experience uneven terrain and steep gains in elevation so use your hiking gear and wear those hiking boots if you’re starting at:

The Cholla Trailhead or

The Echo Canyon Trailhead

Visit the Phoenix Parks and Recreation website for more information on hiking Camelback Mountain.

Wishing You a Healthy and Prosperous New Year

Wherever your feet may take you, our entire staff at Phelps LaClair hopes this is your best year yet!  Be sure to enjoy the winter hiking trails around Phoenix and take time this year to enjoy family and friends. And if you have any questions about your estate planning needs we invite you to attend one of our free seminars, where you’ll learn about the Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes and how to avoid them. Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you and your family!


Images used under creative commons license (Commercial Use) 12/28/18 ( Ted Eytan

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