best phoenix golf course under $100

3 Best Value Golf Courses in Phoenix


Walking around on manicured lawns, breathing in some fresh air, and practicing so we can take a stroke off our game can become addicting in the best way. Exercise coupled with honing a skill is a terrific way to keep your heart healthy and happy! However, golfing in Arizona can become an expensive hobby if you’re on the course all the time. 

If you don’t belong to a country club, you may need to know the best public golf courses available. Here are the top three picks from Phelps LaClair for the best Phoenix area golf courses under $100. 

Tranquil and Affordable Golf in Scottsdale

Do you ever feel bothered by the cars passing on nearby roads, or look up and sigh at the row of homes lining the backdrop while you’re out on the golf course? It can be nice to feel like you’re escaping into nature, leaving all the noise behind. That’s one of the things We-Ko-Pa Golf Club can provide with their award-winning courses and stunning views of the Sonoran Desert. Only minutes away from Scottsdale, We-Ko-Pa is a fabulous choice for enjoying a round of golf on a weeknight.

This one earns a spot on our Best Public Golf Courses in Phoenix list because it’s about a 20 minute drive from downtown, and the rates are stunningly affordable. From June 7th – September 2nd the cost is only $49 for Arizona residents (with a valid ID) who plan their tee time seven days in advance. On September 3rd, that rate will rise to $85. If you’re looking for an even better deal, check out the club’s Summer We-Ko-Pass and earn free rounds of golf along with great member benefits!

Best Value Golf Inside Phoenix 

Kids like golf, too! If you’re teaching your child how to golf and you’re looking for an easy, super-budget course right inside of Phoenix, visit Encanto Park 9-Hole Golf Course. This par 30 golf course was designed for quick, informal rounds of golf and is intended to be friendly for beginners. The best part? Tee times this summer 2021 are currently $15check out the available tee time/prices and schedule your visit so you can enjoy a simplistic course with those beginner golfers in your life.  

Great Golf for Under $100 

Closer than the numerous (albeit incredible) golf courses in Scottsdale, Papago is right inside Phoenix and twilight walking rates can be as little as $24. Weekend rates are still a deal, at just under $100. For Phoenix city-card holders, weekend walking rates are as low as $15. Yes, it really is possible to enjoy budget golf all year-round in Phoenix!

Your Hometown Estate Planners

At Phelps LaClair, we believe that regular exercise and staying physically fit are key factors in healthy living. As estate planners serving Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix and Scottsdale, we desire to see our clients and community live long and healthy lives. 

As well as planning for the future, you also need to plan for safe exercise. An essential for safe exercise in hot weather is staying hydrated. Make sure you stay hydrated and always carry water with you when golfing! And if you’re in need of help with your estate plan, give us a call!




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